Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hercules' Achilles'

Today marked an important step in our journey as ILC academics.

We, some ILC cohorts and myself, met at Hercules High School today with the purpose of going over the basics of our trip and course needs, expectations, and tips. In this tutorial we discussed our codes of conduct, packing lists, and ,of course, how to blog correctly. (We'll see how productive this tutorial proves with this first blog.)

However, during the course of our meeting we ran into some hindrances. The obstacles were in the form of School District blocking of internet sites, specifically this blog site. I will tell you that I became best friends with this "cannot be displayed" page.

Our own Achilles' Heel
We could not access our blog site from the Internet and therefore were not able to practice our blogging skills. I found it a bit ironic that the district was blocking us from ourselves. Also that Hercules' great computer lab had such a miniscule downfall as a pop-up screen. Not unlike the great warrior Achilles and his rather small yet extremely significant heel.

However, this Achilles' heel in our tutorial was only a mere annoyance thanks to the collaboration of all the ILC great minds. We were able to carry on with our meeting and have a very successful, informative tutorial. 

The things I learned today have made me even more anxious to go to brown and experience college life.  I cannot wait!
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