Monday, April 15, 2013

The First Step of a Great Journey to Come

Hello! I'm Jay Fan.  I'm a junior at Hercules High School this year, and I'll be attending the Techniques in DNA Biotechnology program at Brown this summer.

On the Saturday morning of April 13, 2013, I, along with six other fellow Ivy League students, had our first "milestone" event, which was the tutorial tutorial session at Hercules High with Don Gosney, who helps run the Ivy League Connection. We had a bit of a slow start as a few students had trouble finding the classroom hosting the tutorial and had to wait half an hour to solve problems regarding the school's troublesome Internet protocols.  This Blogspot was actually blocked by our school's system! How ridiculous and embarrassing.  But soon, we found a way to circumvent the problem and carried on with the tutorial.

The main things that Don discussed with us during the tutorial were regarding blogging, photography, what to pack, and especially, behavior and being on time (I'm already late writing this blog. I'm sorry, everyone!) Along with these topics followed many of Don's interesting stories about past Ivy League Connection students who were both terrific examples and terrific non-examples.

This about concludes my first blog. It wasn't as difficult as I thought once I just set myself down and got to work. I'm now even more excited to go to the East Coast this summer after all the talk about the trip.
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