Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Beginning of the Journey

Today marked the first crawl of our soon to be run marathon. Although it was anticipated to be a walking step, due to District limitations, our learning experience was almost brought to a halt. Being as I do understand the necessity for certain restrictions when allowing internet access to teenagers, but I do not see the point in restricting Blogger. I personally don't know of any of my friends that would use Blogger while they are supposed to be using the computer for learning.

But in the interest of efficiency, and with the usage of perseverance, we continued on with our tutorial. Today was our first Ivy League Connection meeting and as with most to all first meetings, we discussed the basics. The basics ranged from luggage to table manners to social hour, which all were clearly expressed as being critical.

In all, today was a great learning experience and great prelude to the amazing summer that I am anticipating to have at Brown University along with my cohort. 
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