Saturday, April 13, 2013

ILC Tutorial: The 411

Even though it wasn’t a school day, I got out of bed at 6:45 AM this morning (yes, I do admit to pressing the snooze button once) and began getting ready to go to the ILC tutorial. Thanks to the GPS on my phone, my mom and I made it to Hercules High School on time, but had trouble finding the correct room. Luckily, some of my fellow ILC cohorts knew where they were going and were able to lead the way. 

Unfortunately, the tutorial did not start right away as planned because of some technical difficulties, which, luckily, were sorted out. After introductions had been made (I was happy to see some familiar faces), Don began the tutorial. Don passed out a lengthy packet (39 pages!) that had everything from the basics of blogging and photo editing to what we needed to pack for the trip.

We were able to spend some time learning how to edit photos and how to make our blog posts look good, which is one of the most important parts of the program. Don’s enormous tutorial packet included various examples of a bad blog versus a good blog which I found very educational and helpful. The packing list was also immensely helpful, although I’m not quite sure how I’ll be able to fit any clothes into my bag along with all the necessary equipment listed in the packet (not to mention also keeping the weight of my luggage under 50 pounds!). 

I was pleasantly surprised at how much more prepared and confident I felt after the tutorial. I’m very excited for my next ILC event, where I will have the opportunity to mingle with Brown alums as well as spend time with fellow Brown cohorts. I’m looking forward to my future with the Ivy League Connection!
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