Thursday, August 1, 2013

Be Fierce!

I spent the majority of my day listening to my classmates give their practice presentations. Overall everyone did a fantastic job and will surely do well tomorrow. Although some Action Plans revolved around the same topic, they were unique in the ideas created to combat their issues. It was interesting to hear the passion and the ideas my classmates had for their individual topics.

 Although I have spoken numerous times to the entire class, I was extremely nervous before I gave my speech. In reality there was no reason to feel nervous because I have spoken to every student in my class. However, nerves will sometimes overpower logical instincts. As I began my speech, I was mindful about the volume of my voice because I wanted to be understood. My mouth became extremely dry, but I found myself incapable of swallowing. Fortunately I ignored the aridity of my mouth and I continued my speech. All in all I was satisfied with my performance. I was initially worried about answering questions but that ran quite smoothly.

When everyone was finished, Dean Almandrez gave us all a word of advice, “You must fake it until you become it.” She also encouraged us to be fierce and confident while we giving our speech tomorrow.  As long as you display a confident demeanor, others will not be able to decipher your true emotions.

Tomorrow my class will be divided into separate classrooms with other students in the Leadership Institute. On average there are usually a maximum of fifteen people in the audience per class.

I do not think my mind has registered that I am leaving Brown tomorrow. I still feel like I will continue my usual schedule tomorrow and the day after. The entire experience has been so invaluable and I never forget the memories and friends that I have made here at Brown.

I never thought I would be able to meet so many international students! I can recall the time when I believed knowing kids from a different school was something, but now I know students from all around the world. It was reassuring to know that I share similarities from these students, despite the numerous differences in our lives. 

I feel as if my Women and Leadership class were a training session that prepares students to become better leaders. I am a bit nervous about initiating my Action Plan, but I know I have everything I need to implement it.  

Today I attended the final meeting for the Leadership Institute, which discussed tomorrow’s schedule. I was also able to have one last discussion with the students who share the same residential advisor as me.

I am fortunate to be given this opportunity, and I am especially glad that other students will be able to experience this opportunity for years to come. Although not everyone will be able to experience this, I will definitely share the information I have learned here with my classmates and my community. It is amazing as to how helpful the Ivy League Connection has been throughout the entire process.  They have been willing to offer a helping hand in so many aspects. I always remind myself that if it were not for ILC, I would not be here.
Packing my bags 

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