Monday, August 5, 2013

I Can Cast a Stone Across the Waters to Create Many Ripples

I was saddened as I walked through the John Nicholas Brown gates and looked back at the congregation of students who were saying goodbye. I only glanced back momentarily and soon looked forward, so that I could catch up with the others. I knew I had to look forward because I must use my wonderful memories as a boost for future experiences.  

Leaving Brown 
Looking back at the congregation of students
In the morning session we had a discussion about our opinions and comments about the class. It was so emotional that Dean Almandrez became teary eyed as well.  Each and every individual was affected by the class in their own unique way. Some students were primarily impacted by the diversity workshop or the low ropes course. The commonality between the low ropes course and the diversity workshop were that they both resulted with a stronger bond amongst the class.
Some students discussed that they were upset about returning home because they would have to face “reality.” We would have to face the endless amount of assigned homework and the monotonous school schedule. Although I am hesitant about having to deal with classwork/homework and extracurricular activities, I am looking forward to testing what I have learned in my Women and Leadership class.  

I mentioned to the class that I hoped that we would be able to see one another again. The people I met here have taught me that despite the differences in our socioeconomic backgrounds, we have some commonalities. The caliber of students who attended the Summer@Brown program displayed
My Women and Leadership Classmates 
nothing but kindness and sincerity. My goal is to stay in touch with my friends from Brown. One of my friends opted to become pen pals instead of occasional chats through Facebook. I thought it was a great idea since letters tend to be longer than the messages on Facebook. I will cherish my memories I have made with my friends at Brown.

In the afternoon we would finally present our Action Plan. My friends were practically hyperventilating at the closing session and continued to study their note cards for their Action Plan presentations. Surprisingly I remained calm, but I felt obligated to study my note cards since my friends were doing so beside me.   

When the closing session was over, I walked to the building where I would give my presentation. I walked with my friend Vera and her mother. When we separated to go to our assigned classrooms, we said our goodbyes to one another since she would have to leave immediately after her presentation to catch her flight.

I discovered that my audience consisted of only six other people, one of whom was Heidi, the TA for my class. My presentation went by like a breeze! At the end of my presentation I compared my Action Plan to a quote said by Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” I received nothing but compliments for my performance. The compliments I received left me on cloud nine for the duration of the day.

I walked back to the main green with two other students who were in my classroom. I was amazed by the fact that I was continuing to meet other students during my last hour at Brown. The students who participated in the Leadership Institute congregated in front of Solomon Hall to say their goodbyes. I was able to say goodbye to a majority of my friends, but I was upset to discover that Emily, my roommate, was nowhere in sight. Fortunately I said a quick goodbye to her prior to the congregation in front of the Solomon Hall.

My dorm door. Emily and I would write where we were so that we were aware of each other's whereabouts. 
I received multiple invitations from my friends that encouraged me to inform them if I am ever in their area. Fortunately, with the aid of social networking, I will be updated on the lives of my friends. I plan to send them photos of my school and my classmates.

At the airport and on the plane, I saw two other girls who were a part of the Brown Leadership Institute. It was nice to see other Leadership Institute students again.

I still felt as if I would continue my schedule I had at Brown. During my first night back, I was extremely happy to be back in my own bed, but I slightly yearned to be back at Brown. I had an amazing time there, and I did not want it to end. 
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