Thursday, August 1, 2013

Speaking Up - All Eyes On me

I woke nervous acknowledging the fact that I had to do practice presentation. Last night, I had prepared some parts of my presentation but I was not completely done with it. As I wanted some rest, I went to bed around 12:00 AM. I had set up alarm for 6:00 AM but ended up waking at 7:00 AM. I jumped right out of my bed and started writing my ideas for presentation. 

Sciences Library was closed so we went to get breakfast first and returned back to library to print out the essay. By the time, we got to class, everyone had already arrived and picked the order they wanted to do the presentation. The option I left was 24, the last one. 

Sonya started off the presentation and I must say it was great. She was very confident and her presentation was clear and straight to the point. Turn by turn, students gave their speech. All of my classmates did an outstanding job. After series of presentation, it was time for our lunch. On the way to lunch, I practiced my speech with Crystal. 

Since, Yale cohorts had come to Brown for tour we had opportunity to have our lunch together. All of us met at V-Dubb and got in the “long” line and got our food. We talked about Brown University, and program we are currently taking. For sometimes, I forgot my nervousness about practice presentation. Soon, it was time for us to head back to class. All of us took a group picture together outside the dinning common and waved goodbyes and headed our ways. 

Along the way, I kept re-reading my speech to make sure I did not forget anything. We were all back to class and our presentation resumed. Each of them presented so well and looked very passionate about their action plan. 

“Crystal. Shraddha on deck”, Dean Almandrez said. I tried my best to hold myself together and make myself ready for the presentation. Crystal was telling me she was tensed but when she went up to the stage, I saw a confident leader talking about her action plan. Everyone clapped and questioned here as well as gave her feedback. Faith, Suzanne and Ruchi glanced at me and smiled with thumbs up sign.

I introduced myself and started off with a sentence. I did make a small mistake while saying the sentence but instead of repeating the whole sentence, I went with it and I think no one noticed it. I started making eye contact with students in class and it was not very hard. Later, during the speech, I started talking somewhat faster. I know I could have done better but compared to last time, my public speaking was improved. My classmates gave me feedback on my presentation and all of the comments encouraged me. 

Dean left us early so I and other friends went to bookstore to take a quick look at things. I just finished packing most of my things and thoughts of leaving Brown University sadden me. On the first day, during the orientation, Dean Rose had told us that in these two weeks, you all will be making good friends and I thought that everyone must come from different backgrounds and why would they want to be friends with someone who is different from them. Now I realize, she was right and from the beginning I have met amazing people and they were opposite from what I had thought. 

I had my last dinner with Avery, Nina, Vera and Crystal. Yes, it did take about 30 minutes for my food to arrive but during that time, we had a chat about very random thing: class, life or school. None of would probably mind about how late the food came but we had community meeting at 8:00 PM so it was necessary to rush. These people are some of the best people I have met and I always feel comfortable around them. It was 7:55 PM when all of us headed outside to go to the meeting. Using Google map, we started “running” to the Barus and Holley building. The card was not working to open the door but in the right moment, one of the individual helped us. I know it sounds like we did not have a very good time but I think it was fun. Moments like this make memories for lifetime.

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