Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It Does Not End Here

My Brown experience is over. I have completed my program, and returned home. The beautiful time on the Brown campus is over for me this summer.

The program may be over, but my memories will always remain. I have gained more in the past 2 weeks than I have in my lifetime.  I may be done with my course at Brown, but I am not done with my learning. This experienced has made me more open and aware of the world around me. I know I will never forget all the lessons I have learned at Brown. I will never forget all the wisdom I gained from the Women and Leadership course. I will never forget to question the things around me, rather than simply live blindly. Along with all the things I have learned from the course, I will never forget all the lessons I have learned from the people I have met. As Dean Almandrez told us, "You will learn more from each other than you could ever learn from me.".
This has proven true for me. I have learned so much more about myself as a leader and as a person from the people I have met on this trip, than I have ever learned before. I made connections with people that I will never forget and made friends with people that I would have otherwise never considered talking to. I know I have made lasting connections with others which will long outlive this Brown experience. I learned how to interact with others from different backgrounds and opinions than me and how to embrace that difference. This experience has made molded me into a better person and I will always be grateful to everyone for that.

The objectification of women shown through superheros posed as Wonder Woman
This learning has benefited me in so many ways, that I cannot help but share what I have learned. The learning cannot stop with me. I will not allow myself to be the last link in this learning experience. I will share all of my experiences with those around me. I will tell others to question what they are told, and to live with the passionate curiosity that Brown so greatly endorses.  I will also encourage others after me to take the initiative to apply to the Ivy League Connection, because it is an amazing experience that no one should neglect. This opportunity was life altering and I would encourage anyone who wants to be more open eyed to apply. I hope to encourage more people to not only apply to this program, but in general, to push their comfort zone and reach for the higher education they deserve.

I also will not let my own passions die. I will execute my action plan and share my passions with those around me. I hope to inspire another person to live their passion and push their limits. I will not let the passion of life stay within me.

My Empty Room
I think back to the last day at Brown. So many memories. I remember how sad I was as I packed up my dorm room that morning, seeing it plain again. I had erased myself from the room. I knew I had not erased myself from Brown however. I remember the last day in class with all of the wonderful people I had met and crying as we all shared our favorite memories and the reasons why this was one of the best experience of our lives. I remember hugging all 24 girls of my class as we split ways. It was sad to be leaving Brown behind, but I knew that our experiences would not end there. 

I think back to the action plan presentations. I remember the emotion I felt as I stood in front of strangers and shared my personal passions. I remember how frightened I had been of rejection. I also remember how free I felt when I realized no one was going to judge me. As I walked away from the crowd of people at Brown, as we rushed off to the airport, I remember feeling peaceful with the situation. I knew I would hear again of the people I had met. I was also excited for the adventures to come with the new knowledge I had gained. When we met with some girls from the Leadership Institute, I knew that I was not severing my Brown ties, only elongating them. 

My Women and Leadership experiences did not end when I left Brown. I will always remember what I have learned; and I will continue to learn throughout my life. My learning does not end here.

The Women and Leadership Family
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