Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Process Of Discovering Myself

On my sophomore year, some of my classmates and I were called to library for the presentation about Ivy League Connection. I was completely unaware about this program until then. Women and Leadership had already grabbed my attention when I first heard about it but I did not have confidence to apply and I thought I could not make it through the selection process. 

Junior year came around and I attended another presentation about Ivy League Connection. All of my friends decided that they would apply for it so I planned to give it a try as well. One day my friend called me and asked, "Did you check you email yet?" I replied, "No. Why?" She told me that I had been selected for interview. I was surprised upon finding out that I was selected. 

The first event after the interview was fancy Dinner at Town Hall. I remember I was tensed in the beginning but as I got to talk to other adults in my table I realized they were very welcoming. I was given opportunity to ask question regarding colleges. We attended many other events with ILC and they all had been a new experience for me. Every time, I could see confidence grow within me. 

It was already July; time to explore colleges at East Coast and take class at Brown University. Everyone often talked about UCs or private university at Northern California but I wanted to explore my options outside of California. There was no way I could take trip to any colleges outside of California and only resource I could rely on was internet. 

If it had not been for Ivy League Connection, I would never get to visit colleges at East Coast, learn about courses they offered, admissions processes and scholarships. Since I am a rising senior, getting a taste of colleges at East Coast was very helpful. 

The best part was to take class at Brown University and learn more about myself. Two weeks was short time but I was able to experience college life and how it was like to be a college student. I had to be responsible for myself and I learnt ways to manage my time. After taking Women and Leadership class, I was able to look at things in a different way. I had told Dean Almandrez that I wanted to come outside of my comfort zone but she replied me that the point is to expand the comfort zone and I think I did. Yes, I had been the girl who never had confidence in herself, was afraid to speak up and identify herself as a leader. Because of this program, I discovered myself and learnt that it is important to believe in yourself.

Taking summer class at Brown University or traveling to East Coast as a high school students is something I had never imagined. This journey has been life changing experience for me. The tours helped me understand more about liberal arts colleges and I might apply to those colleges this year. I do not wish to keep all the information learnt at Brown University within myself rather share it with my community. In future, I wish to pass on my learning from Women and Leadership class to students at my school as well as people at Nepal.

None of this would have been possible without Don, Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg, sponsors and chaperones. Thank you all for your hard work and support to make this program possible. With all the knowledge I have gained from this trip, I have decided to open Ivy League Connection Club by collaborating with other cohorts and share all the experiences with students at De Anza high school and encourage them to apply for ILC. 
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