Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bus Ride To Downtown

I was prepared to wake up early and my alarm went at 6:00 AM but I chose to ignore it. I knew I would not be able to grab breakfast as dining commons closes around 7:30 AM. Around 9:40, Crystal asked if I wanted to get breakfast. I could have gone without breakfast for 2 or more hours but I agreed to go. As yogurt place was closed, we went to same place as yesterday, Creperie. It was already late for breakfast but I still ordered egg and cheddar crepe. 

Inside the bus
During our breakfast, we made plan to go to the mall so we called Ms. Neal and got her permission. On the way back to dorm, we made a quick visit to Sciences Library to add money in bear bucks card for laundry. After going back to dorm and grabbing our bags, we left to catch bus. Since we are at Brown and have ID card, we should take advantage of the free bus ride and we did. Using Google map, we figured the way to bus stop. Even though, the day was not very sunny, the air was very warm. Once we got on the bus, I felt the cool air. Bus was very empty and comfortable. It went through the tunnel and we were out of Brown University. 
Wall of hope (memorial for the tragedy of 9/11)

Waterplace Park
The mall was large and easily visible from far away so we did not have trouble finding it. Along the way, we passed through “Wall of Hope” which is a memorial of 9/11 and had tiles made by elementary children. It was actually built after one year of 9/11.The tiles were very heart touching and the message were about hope and peace. In front of Wall of Hope was the beautiful river. There were black baskets in the river that were made for waterfire and it would be lit up on some weekends. I can tell the place would look very beautiful during night when fire lit up at night. We could see new and old building of Downtown from the bridge at the river.
Providence Place Mall

There were plenty of shops inside the mall. Crystal and I surfed around different stores. I bought some clothes for my family members. Later, Ms. Neal met us there and had individual talk with both of us. It was soon 4:00 PM and we headed back to bus stop. Here comes the hard part. Google map was acting crazy or maybe it was us not understanding the direction it was giving. We walked through same place over and over again and still could not figure out where the bus stop was. There were girls our age and we thought we should ask them the way back and it turned out that they were going to Brown University as well. We had to run for the bus to catch it because it was on the opposite side of the street.

As soon as, we got off, we headed to dinning commons and had our dinner. I was planning to take picture of dinning commons today but I forgot to take my camera with me (Things to do tomorrow: take picture of dinning common). 

It is last Sunday at Brown and I enjoyed it. Taking the bus to Downtown was definitely one accomplishment. 
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