Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today was our last day of the weekend. I got to sleep in even later today and I was so happy to be able to do so. 

To start off the morning we went back to the Creperie with two more friends; its our new place to meet, I suppose. It was really great to spend time with people and engage in fun, and deep (at times) conversation. We also had to go to the Creperie instead of the Dinning Hall, because it closes at 9:30, and we were not awake at that time. 

After breakfast, which was more at lunch time, we went back to the dorms and worked on our action plans. We have to write a 3-5 page essay, not too much work, but still challenging. It was nice to get other people's input on my ideas. We all have such unique ideas and projects and its refreshing to hear about other people's passions put into action.

We then went to lunch at the dinning hall with and met up with some more friends. It such a lovely experience to be able to talk with people for all over the world. The people here are all so friendly and it isnt challenging to strike up conversations with others.

After lunch, my roommate and I hung out together and got more acquainted with each other. We hadn't had much time to do that during the week because of classes. She's a really great person. I'm glad that we were able to talk more before classes start again.

Then after dinner, we went to a leadership institute meeting to talk about our progress this week. We also met with our respective floors to discuss matters of maintaining cleanliness. It has been such an amazing experience here at Brown thus far. I have cherished every minute of this week. Thank you, ILC.
Walking around Brown.

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