Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Value of Equity

In the morning session we went on a scavenger hunt looking for things that were associated with the material we learned. We asked people if they could define certain terms relating to one’s identity, and I discovered that some people were unable to define commonly used terms.

A majority of people were confused about the word “feminist.” A feminist is a person who supports equality for women, but it seemed that they confused the word with femininity. Additionally describing the differences between sex, gender, and sexual orientations was difficult for others to describe. The words are used on a daily basis but most people are not familiar with their unique definitions.
The second woman on the left was able to define misogyny 
We only have two more days left. Tomorrow the essay for our Action Plan is due and we have to give a practice presentation tomorrow. We also had a few fun quirky things to look for. One of the requirements was to find two men who would stand in the Wonder Women pose. My group found a father his son who were willing to pose for a picture. We were also required to ask a man to name one young female leader, but the only one that came to his mind was Miley Cyrus—I was not expecting that as an answer.
Wonder Woman Pose! 
I will definitely miss all of the people I have met here! I am astounded by how much I have grown. I feel like I now have the information I need to become a better leader and to be able to advocate for change.

Towards the end of class Dean Almandrez recapped on what we have learned so far. She described true leadership as not competing against someone but helping them succeed alongside you. A majority of the workshops we participated in reflected this ideology because we respected one another's opinions and came to a consensus by doing so.

She also mentioned that we must encourage equity wherever we are. In reality we may never reach full equality, but we can make a difference by advocating for equity.

Dean Almandrez led a Zumba session on the main quad today. The primary reason why I wanted to participate in this activity was because it was led by my instructor!  I thought the endorphins would help lighten up my melancholy mood I developed after realizing that I only have two days left.
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