Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday With Friends

View from Bridge
It was Saturday today which means we did not have any classes, and we could wake up “late”. Last night, I forgot to turn off my alarm so it rang around 6:00 AM and there was no way that I would wake up that early on Saturday as I was tired. Once my roommate’s alarm went on at 8:30 AM, I could not go back to sleep but I stayed on bed till 9:40 AM. I was still sitting on my bed until Crystal called and asked me if I wanted to grab breakfast with other cohorts. Even though, I was not very hungry, I accompanied them. 
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Sadly, our beach trip was cancelled as I mentioned earlier in my blog but we were able to make a new plan to go to Newport with Ms. Neal. We still had time left for our trip to Newport so we planned to look at some of the stores near Brown. At 12:00 PM, Ms. Neal picked six of us and we headed for Newport. Along the way, we saw beautiful scenarios. Ms. Neal told us that Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge was like Golden Gate Bridge of Bay Area. From our car window, we could see the beautiful view of sea where people were sailing their boats. As there was traffic, we were going slowly which gave us time to look at the view clearly. On the both side of the bridge was clear blue water shining due to the sun. 

When we got to Newport and drove around the Bannister Wharf, it reminded me of Fisherman’s Wharf (San Francisco). The town was not very crowded and it was easy to walk around in the moderate temperature. Our first stop was at Ocean. I loving watching at the ocean as it calms me down and it is peaceful. We spent some time taking pictures and looking around. Then, we drove by the mansions. I had seen mansions in movies but not in person. The gates were tall and it was surrounded by trees and bushes. There were pathways paved beautifully for cars or person to pass by. I learn that some of these mansions were either government owned or private. I could not imagine owning such a huge land and mansion. 

Because I am not an outdoor person and I do not go out a lot I have hard time in restaurant. Whenever I go to restaurant, I am unaware of the foods they have in the menu and take some times to figure out what I want. I have been trying out new foods whenever I am out eating with the cohorts. Once again, I had food that was new to me. After our lunch, we had time to wander around the place. We checked out couple of stores and went to the dock. It was fun walking with the group. At 5:00 PM, we met Ms. Neal and drove around other mansions. The mansions were very close to water and looked very beautiful. Mansions we saw were Italian and French Renaissance mansions from the Gilded Age. 

We did spend many hours together at Newport but the day felt so short. We thanked Ms. Neal and went back to our dorm. Nina was waiting for us at the dorm. Crystal and I went to her room and started random conversation about school. Later, Vera, Avery, Nina, Crystal and I made a plan to get dinner at one of the Indian Restaurant at 8:00 PM. We arrived at Kabob and Curry where each of us ordered different foods. It was a bonding time for all of us where we talked about various things such as our family, school or life. I really enjoyed our dinner. 

It had turned dark but I felt safe. When we walked back, the streets light were on and there was coolness in the air. With laughter and smiles, we came back to our dorm. This Saturday has been one of the pleasant and remarkable days.
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