Saturday, July 27, 2013

New to Newport

Today Ms. Neal took Sonya, Michelle, Crystal, Shradda and me to Newport for lunch and to walk around. We had wanted to go to Boston with all of our Women and Leadership friends, but Ms. Neal wasn't comfortable with that plan, so we went to Newport instead. It was a lot more fun that I had expected it to be.
On the way to Newport.
First we went down to the ocean, where there were a big rocks for us to climb. The view was so beautiful! We sat on the rocks in the sun for a while, just enjoying the view and each others' company.

The ocean.

I wish I had brought my swimsuit!

The water was so beautiful!
I saw multiple people swimming and lying on the rocks in the water, even though the waves were huge! I kind of wanted to get into the water, but I had left my bathing suit at the dorms because I hadn't known that we would be going to the ocean.

Sonya, me and Michelle.

At one point, Michelle, Sonya and I climbed over the side of the stairs to get good pictures of the ocean.  I could have stayed there all day; the waves were so blue, and the weather was perfect. It sort of reminded me of pictures I have seen of Greece.

Michelle, Crystal and me.
We then went to get lunch at a local restaurant. I got a really delicious grilled cheese and fries that were only $5. I felt really good, not only because of the quality of the meal, but because of the money I saved!

After lunch, we went and walked around Newport. We went in little boutiques and shops, and it was interesting to see all of the people who were walking about. We walked into a cupcake shop, and decided to pick up some chocolates for Ms. Neal as a thank you gift. I think she really liked it! I also bought some chocolates for my friend Alli, and gummy bears for my roommate Kelli!

Boats at the wharf.
More boats.
We then walked down to the wharf, which was extremely windy, but still really pretty. We took pictures of the water and of all the boats, and then walked back up to get ice cream.

After we came back to the dorms, Sonya, Michelle and I worked on our Action Plan essays. I have no trouble figuring out what I want to say in my Action Plan essay because I am so passionate about the issue of homelessness, but it is a bit hard for me to edit it because I have so much important information, but I know I need to narrow it down to make it a cohesive essay.

After working on our essays, I went to grab some dinner with Julia. My stomach has been acting up lately, so we opted for something light. Then we went back to her room at the dorm and chatted together. It was really fun and relaxing.

Tomorrow we have nothing planned, so we'll just have to see what the day bring us!

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