Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sundays At Brown

I’ll start my blog off with a little honesty: today was not as eventful as the rest of my week has been. There wasn’t a wide selection of activities and I really had to get more work done for class. I decided to sleep in a little because I didn’t have anywhere to be early in the morning. After a nice crepe breakfast, I got together with some girls from my class and we talked about our action plans. They gave me lots of helpful feedback and even helped me think of ideas on how to expand on my plan. One thing I love about living in the dorms is how easy it is to collaborate with other people because they live right down the hall!

After a long work session, we took a break and explored Providence. We didn’t want to walk too far away from our dorm because it was very hot and humid, but it was nice to get out of the dorms and look at the Brown campus. Although I’d originally thought I’d want to go to a college with a smaller, more closed off campus, now I can really see myself attending a college like Brown. It’s so easy to get places and very difficult to get lost.

A photo from my walk!
On our walk, I saw new people checking in (Sunday is check-in day) and thought back to last Sunday when I was new to campus. Wow, has it really only been a week? I’ve adjusted to Brown so fast that it feels like I’ve been here for much longer. I tried to be as helpful as possible to the new students because I remember how lost I’d been on campus when I first got here. A perk to check-in day is that there is an ice cream social in the evening. It was great getting to know new students over a nice bowl of ice cream. 

At 8:00, we had a leadership workshop. The workshop was shorter than usual because the panel of people who were coming to talk about action plans all cancelled. Instead, we broke up into groups with our RA and shared our action plans. My group's energy was really low so Sarah, our RA, had us to an activity where we talked to different people about our lives. After the workshop, I headed back to the dorms to blog so that I can get plenty of sleep for class tomorrow.
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