Sunday, July 28, 2013

Urgent Detergent

I'm sorry to say that today wasn't very interesting...I thought I should apologize in advance. I think that the most important feature of my day today was my failure to do anything right, starting with the laundry. I woke up earlier than yesterday, planning to do my laundry with Crystal. I had one small packet of detergent, but Crystal would have to wait to figure out who had the cohort's big container. I decided to do my laundry by myself (I had run out of clean pants and socks), so I took my pillowcase full of clothes and my Bear Bucks card to the laundry room. I figured out how the machines worked and where to put everything, but accidentally started the machine before putting in my detergent. There wasn't a cancel button, so I'd have to wait for the machine to wash my clothes (without detergent), add the detergent and wash them a second time, and then dry them. I had to add more money to my Bear Bucks card to do that, though (I wasn't expecting to need to wash my clothes twice) so I left Perkins Hall to run to the Brown Bookstore while the machine was on the second wash. As soon as the door closed behind me, I realized that I had forgotten my card key, so I couldn't get back in the building. One of my friends in Women and Leadership let me back in the building, so I got my Brown ID, ran to the bookstore, added enough money to dry my clothes, and ran back (hear that, Dad? I'm getting exercise!) to move my clothes to the dryer. I tried my card on the door, and it didn't work. I tried several more times before I realized that I was by the wrong building. I made it back to my room, washed my face, and tried to get back into my room, but the key wasn't opening the door. Once again, it wasn't the right door. I took my laundry out, moved it, and went back to work on a summer assignment for AP Literature. Once I had my laundry out, I climbed the stairs, carefully checking that I was on the right floor in front of the right room before opening my door. I finished folding before I left for lunch with Sonya, Michelle, Elia, Allie (in Women and Leadership), and Ariana (Sonya's roommate). 

It took me forever to turn this...

...into this.

I worked on my Action Plan with one of the worksheets they had handed us to organize our ideas, and had a couple new ones to put in my Action Plan essay. I've already gathered my four pieces of research for my essay, which I think will really support my plan. I walked to the VW dining hall for dinner, then wrote my best friend a lengthy email asking how everything was back home. I did some of my reading before we left for the Mid-Week Reflection, which was basically a check-in with your RA about how the program is going and how much effort you think you're putting in. I was one of the first in the room, though, so I was rewarded with a free Summer@Brown t-shirt.

Free shirt!

I'd like to think that I made a week's worth of mistakes all in one day, so I won't have to worry about anything else for the rest of the week...right?
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