Saturday, July 27, 2013

It was A Fun Sunny Saturday

This morning I got a text from Elia asking whether I wanted to go to the Creperie. Nina, Shraddha, and I met up with Elia and Michelle. It was a cute hidden crepe shop that was located behind a building on the main street. I ordered a mixed fruit crepe, which was a perfect meal for breakfast. 

We decided that would go to Newport, Rhode Island today. When we finished our crepes, I headed to Urban Outfitters and I purchased a pair of sunglasses.

The ride to Newport was approximately forty-five minutes. When we were in close proximity to Newport, I could see tons of sailboats gathered on the water. The sky was blue with a few clouds, so the scenery was beautiful. It was a perfect day to go sailing. Our plan was to drive around the mansions and to walk around the wharf.

Ms. Neal found a parking spot in front of a mansion that was surrounded by a large iron gated fence. I was mesmerized by the size and the luxuriousness of the home. We walked to a small area designated for viewing the ocean. My cohort and I managed to climb down a few rocks to get a closer view of the ocean. I could have stayed on the cliff for the rest of my life. The view was beautiful and so relaxing. It was quite funny because a few people decided to sunbathe on a rock in the ocean. I guess that is their alternative than to go to the beach. Looking at them reminded me of the mermaids in Peter Pan.  They were far from being mermaids, however, since a majority of them were male and above the age of forty. As we were walking back to the car, a woman asked us for directions. We apologized and told her we were not from this area. She lightheartedly said that no one was from around here. I doubt she would talk to anyone who lived in the neighborhood.

Our next stop was Bannister’s Wharf. We ate lunch at a small restaurant called Annie’s. I ordered half a BLT and lobster bisque soup. When we were finished with our lunch, we began our
adventure at Bannister Wharf. We window shopped at a few of the boutiques. Unfortunately some of the prices were ridiculous. I found a small bracelet that said Newport on it, but it was forty-four dollars. Instead I shopped at the souvenir shops. Souvenir shops usually sell similar items, so it is best that you look for the best prices. I was interested in a shirt that said Newport and had a picture of the whale on the front. I was able to purchase it for $12, which is a good deal since most stores were charging $22 for it! We also went to the docks to take pictures of the yachts and sailboats. I watched a man slowly lower his smaller boat into the water from his yacht.

 At 4:30PM we walked to the Newport Creamery. We vowed to go to the creamy the very second someone spotted it outside of Annie’s. I ordered cookie dough ice cream on a kid’s cone. The majority of the ice cream was vanilla with a few chunks of cookie dough. While we were still finishing up our ice cream, we went into a cupcake shop. Shraddha and I purchased a blue whale lollipop for our friend, Nina.

On our way back to Brown, we made a detour and drove around the seaside mansions. I experienced a bit of culture shock while viewing these homes. It was surreal to know that some of the homes were private and owned by actual families. 

When I got back to my dorm, my friend called me and invited me to paint my nails with her. We also decided that we would eat at Kabob Curry, an Indian cuisine restaurant. We met with everyone in the lounge at 8PM. It was my first time eating Indian cuisine, but I have been planning to do so for a while. My dish was quite delicious, but I did not care for the sauce. I know I will definitely branch out and try other Indian cuisine restaurants. 

I plan to work on my Action Plan, do my laundry, and walk around the campus tomorrow. We will also have a mid-week reflection at 8PM. I will try my best to make the most out of my last Sunday on campus.
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