Thursday, July 18, 2013

Visit up The State & Back for Dinner

The weather was welcoming when we headed towards Wellesley College in the morning. With a bit of traffic, we made it to the college after an hour. I was up in time as I respond to the alarms quickly even when I am in a deep sleep. Once we got off, we got to experience the real summer weather of East Coast; the warmth in the air. There were greeneries along the way, which reminded me of Nepal in a way. I used to travel to a farmhouse during my summer vacations when I was little, and the way to Wellesley College brought back some old memories.

The informational session started once everyone had arrived; we were not the only group to visit the college, there were other ladies from different states and countries. The session was very helpful and I was able to learn many new things. Before, I did not know that Wellesley was a private women's liberal art college and that it worked towards creating a woman who would be independent in different fields (of study). The perspective of college, strongly supportive of women, and students having an option to graduate with a major that is totally different from their minor was unique. 

Two students of Wellesley College gave us a tour but we were not able to visit all of the buildings because of the heat. The tour was then substituted with a presentation where we had an overview of buildings. We, then left for our lunch. Everyone ordered food and we were done soon. Since, we were not completely adjusted with the new time, we were somewhat tired. Instead of walking around in the hot climate, we headed back to hotel. 

Somehow, the time passed by pretty soon and it was time for our dinner with students who attended Brown University. There was something lacking in the food I had been eating earlier but I did find the taste in the dinner; I loved the food and enjoyed eating it. Hillary, Kenya, and Travis took their time off their schedule and joined us where they shared some of the information about educational things. Hillary talked about the major she graduated in, scholarships and admissions. I am going to be a senior now so it was very beneficial for me as I was able to grab information regarding personal statements which I will have to begin soon. 

Personally, as a rising senior, I think visiting colleges and meeting students from Brown University was very advantageous for me. I am looking forward to other college visits and who knows, I might find choice of my college in East Coast. 
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