Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time to Think

Today I woke up with a clear mind and I knew what my goal for today was. I needed to catch up on all of my assignments so instead of going out with the girls I opted to stay back at the dorm to work. I finally know what I want my action plan to be. I realized that my action plan could still emotionally appeal to my audience without it being overly dramatic or tragically sad.  However, I can say that I am passionate about my project and this will help me touch the hearts of my audience. On Friday, I was in class and it seemed like most of my classmates had action plans that involved sad occurrences while mine involves things that I can personally relate to. My public speaking instructor, Jennifer, said that making a speech about something that you have personally gone through makes public speaking easier. I can recall giving my honest opinions during my interview with the Ivy League Connection which actually made my interview easier. I feel like my life is finally starting to balance out and I can get back to experiencing new things. I read the next chapter for my required reading which entailed how to change your community for the better instead of finding a temporary fix for the problem. I hope that my school is responsive to my efforts towards change instead of being resistant to new things.

I am putting a lot of faith into the students at my school and what they can do which is a bit scary for me. I usually don’t trust in other people’s capability which forces me to have to compensate for the possibility of their incompetence. I had plenty of time to meditate, work, and rest today. I have come to terms with the fact that I will have to present in front a new group of people who I am not used to. I am really starting to become comfortable with the women in my class and I can already tell that leaving next Thursday is going to be bittersweet. My action plan is to start a club at my school called Genders Unite to reduce the division amongst the men and women at my school. I also plan on raising money through various fund-raising opportunities to give to an organization that supports Women’s education. I feel like everyone expects men to get a degree and go into the workforce, but no one really considers all of the potential that is squandered by not focusing on supporting women as well in their endeavors.

Unfortunately, while I stayed inside this weekend catching up on my work I did not get to go on the group trip to New Port. I am sure that my cohort had a lot of fun and I will definitely join them on the next group activity. The events that occurred today was a way of working on my time management skills, as I stated that I needed to improve on in my essay for the ILC, and I feel like it was a necessary learning experience. Hopefully, next week is better than this week and I won’t be as stressed out. Overall I feel like today was a personal success story which helped me work on myself as an individual. 
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