Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Ocean State

We don't have class on the weekends, which gives everyone a lot of free time.

To start off my day of no class, I slept in until Elia woke me up an said we were leaving in 10 minutes. I wasn't too happy about sleeping in that late, but I was glad for the sleep. We then met up with some of our new friends and went out to get crepes for breakfast. The Creperie had a crepe named after me, but I didn't get that one. It was nice to spend time with other girls without a time limit between classes.

Julia taking a picture of the view!
We then went back to the dorms, and tried to come up with a plan for the day. We thought we might go to Boston, since a lot of people were going there today, and there was a train that took you there. That plan was cancelled by Ms.Neal, so we thought we might end up at Brown all day. We then decided to have Ms.Neal take us to Newport, RI. All the ILCers went, minus Alicia, she must have had other plans.

A Newport Mansion
We drove the 40 or so minutes to Newport and then got out and walked past the Newport mansions toward the beach. We saw the beautiful ocean of Rhode Island. I now can honestly understand why it is called the Ocean State. There is so much water, everywhere you looked in Newport, you could see water. It was so calming. The weather was also so wonderful, not too hot, and not too cold. It made me want to just jump into the sea.

The Newport Beach!
We then went to lunch and I had New England clam chowder for the first time, it is so delicious!

The Newport Wharf
After lunch, we went window shopping around the Newport wharfs. We had a great time together spending time as a cohort. Newport has a lot of little, very expensive shops. We went to a bakery with the cutest cupcakes and chocolates, definitely a highlight of the trip. We got ice cream at the Newport creamery. It was sweet trip with great girls.
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