Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekend Adventures

It was odd waking up this morning and not having anything planned for me to do. Luckily, it was very easy to find fun activities to do. After a quick breakfast, my roommate and I took an early morning yoga class that left me feeling relaxed and ready for the day. 

Originally, I’d wanted to go to Boston, but I couldn’t go without Ms. Neal, who was taking a couple cohorts to Newport, so I decided to tag along to Newport. Ms. Neal drove the majority of the cohorts to Newport, which is a small town located near the water. Although I was reluctant to go at first because Newport is much smaller than Boston, I actually really enjoyed the small town. The weather was perfect and there were lots of cute little shops. We got a lot of time to explore the town and take in the great ocean view. Before leaving Newport, Ms. Neal drove us around the area and we admired the giant, beautiful houses. I was in awe that houses that big actually exist and that people actually live in them.

Beautiful architecture in Newport

One of the really nice houses!

Boats at the harbor  

View of the water

Julia rescuing someone from a wave
Upon arriving back at the dorms, I started working on my action plan essay. Now that my action plan is beginning to fall into place, it has been easier to write my essay. For now, I'm only doing the background research part for the essay. I'm mainly focusing on the evolution of society's definition of beauty and intelligence and also on how the media falsely portrays women. Additionally, in my essay, I've begun to explain why this action plan is so important to me and connecting my personal experiences to my project. At first, I thought it would be hard to write 3-5 pages on an action plan, but once I stopped thinking of my essay in terms of pages and began focusing on really getting my point and passion across, it got a lot easier to write.

I ended my great day on a high note: seeing a showing of Skyfall on campus. Overall, I feel like I had a both fun and productive day. I'm glad I went to Newport and got some extra bonding time in with my ILC cohorts and I'm glad I was able to get down to business and work on my essay.

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