Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Fun-day

Today I got to sleep in a little, which was so nice. Then I went to get crepes for breakfast with Sonya, her roommate Ariana, Michelle, and our friend Alli.

After breakfast, I went to Sonya's room and we worked for about three hours on our Action Plan essays. I feel like mine is really coming along. I had to do a lot of research on the stereotypes and background of homelessness, but I found it really interesting, and did not even mind working on the essay. I think because it is a topic about which I am so passionate, I will have no trouble with my essay or my presentation. It was also really interesting to hear Sonya and Michelle talk about their Action Plans, and see what they are interested in. Both of their ideas are really great for our community.

Then we went to lunch at the V-Dub, which is the farther of the two dining halls. The dining hall we usually go to, the Ratty, is closed for the rest of the summer, which we're all really sad about! The V-Dub has better food, but I would rather go to the Ratty because it's closer to our dorm.

After lunch, we went back to the dorms, and then I walked around town with my roommate, Kelli. We went into Urban Outfitters, a clothing store, and I noticed that one of the clerks was making ageist comments about high school students. The Women and Leadership class has really heightened my awareness about controversial remarks.

After that, Kelli and I went to the library, and looked over the different sections of books. Kelli is very religious, so she was really interested in the theology section. I really liked the playwriting and drama section, and I found a nice selection from different authors.

After that, we went to get dinner at the V-Dub, and then went to the Ice Cream Social. The Ice Cream Social was really fun because we got to meet all the incoming students. Even though we have only been here for a week, it feels like we've been here for so long! It's weird to think that only a few days ago, we were in the exact same position as the students arriving today.

After the Ice Cream Social, we had a leadership meeting. We were supposed to have a 45 minute discussion with 10 Action Plan panelists, but all 10 of them canceled last minute! Instead, we met with our RA's and discussed the community aspect of dorm life.

It was a great discussion, and really made me grateful to be here. Thank you ILC!

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