Thursday, July 25, 2013

Michelle Speaks

Today, in spite of class, we went to a low ropes course to put the things we are learning into action. We had to drive to the site of the course and it proved to be longer than I had thought. It took us about a half an hour. 

When we arrived there, we started with the tick preventions. We put on tall socks and tied treated bandanas around our ankles. We all looked ridiculous but it wasn't a big deal considering we were all in the middle of the forest. Everyone was also far more scared of ticks than fashion statements, which was nice to see. We were then split into groups to do some on the ground activities like a confusing game on sounds which I ended up victorious with at the end. We also played a game called eye tag where you look up at someone and if someone is looking back you try to out-scream them to stay in the game. I won that one, I've had lots of practice. 
Team No Ticks

After those activities were over, we moved to our first rope course element in which we had to support each other and walk across a tightrope. I found this challenge so much harder than expected, I couldn't bring myself to completely lean on the other person because I wasn't trusting wholeheartedly. It was really fun to get to know people throughout the activities and grow closer as a group. It was also interesting to experiment with our different leadership types.

We then broke for lunch. We got to each on the beach of Rhode Island. There is actually a lot of ocean here, which I appreciate because I hate being landlocked. The view was spectacular, what a great place to eat! 
The Beach

After lunch we all went back to the ropes course to do some more elements. We did one involving a rope swing to get onto a platform. It was really fun, and strange to have to hold everyone so close as you try to stay on a tiny platform whilst catching people. We also did a challenge where only certain people could talk by rules and I found it so frustrating to not have the privilege to speak my mind. I knew how to get the challenge completed but I couldn't express myself. 

The experiences today taught me that one of the best privileges we have is the right to share our ideas, and the right to speak freely. It was important as a leader to remember this so that I never over power someone and prevent them from sharing their ideas. I will take away the thought of being more hearing of others and open to new ideas.
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