Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I feel as if I've hit my first roadblock in college. It isn't a major roadblock, I can still get around it. However it has impeded me the slightest bit. This roadblock, was a headache. When I was in class today, about halfway through the lecture, I seemed to lose the willpower to learn. The rest of the lecture, though interesting, was like a white-hot knife stabbing me in the brain. Whatever brought on this onslaught of pain, I know not. I just hope it won't be happening again anytime soon. 

Luckily, by the time we had our scheduled class movie, my headache was gone. We saw "Moneyball" which was loosely tied in with economics. I personally don't see why the movie got as much praise at it did. I found it to be a bit dull and overall unsatisfying. Still, it was fun to see a movie with my class. I was also able to finish my homework without getting more head pains. Other than those 3 events, the day was essentially uneventful. I suppose everyday can't be action packed.

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