Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Off we go!

So it started! I must say, it was a pretty busy day today. The morning started with an alarm; I had to wake up very early (around 2:45). I am definitely not an early bird, but I did wake up as planned and did not have any last minute trouble. Thank god!

I, along with my cousin and mom, headed towards El Cerrito High School (I was the first one to arrive). Don was already there waiting for us where he weighed our luggage and checked the med and ID cards. As time passed, everyone else arrived and had to go through the same process, then we took a group picture. It is one of the Ivy League events, so how could we not take one. It was time to get in the shuttle after the picture taking. We, then waved goodbyes to our family  members and took off for the airport. 

Approaching closer to airport
It has been almost 4 years since I last traveled in a plane, so everything was somewhat new for me. After passing through the security check, we waited for a few minutes and finally got on the plane. 

Once the plane took off, we were above the clouds and looking down the window was like looking at the Google map; the zoomed out satellite version as we flew higher and higher. Ms. Neal, Kait and I had conversation about ILC program, school and some interesting travel detail (Kait sat next to us in the plane). The excitement kept me up and active for a quite long time, but after a while my eyes started getting tired. 

Painting (at Hotel)
Even though I slept for a while, it was not very comfortable. On the second plane, I sat next to Alicia. We had talks about school and the classes we will be taking next year. After our flight, we rode in a rental van and headed to the hotel we are going to be staying in for the next few days. We had some difficulties, but we did make it there and the hotel amazed me; it is very nice.

As a vegetarian  there are not many options to choose for food but I did find my choice of food quickly (for dinner). I was not very hungry so I was not able to eat all my mac and cheese. We had a quick visit to Walgreens and a small walk back to hotel. 

After a long tiring day, I cannot wait to go to bed. 

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