Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On Our Way to Little Rhody

Our shuttle to the Oakland Airport
As I woke up this morning I didn’t drag myself out of bed but rather I moved liked a slug since I was so groggy. I was up and ready but I moved at an extremely slow pace. When I arrived at El Cerrito High School, it was exactly 3:40 AM. Although we congregated in the wee hours of the morning, we all looked energized and prepared to go. Once we said our goodbyes and took our group photos, we were on our way to the Oakland airport. 

Ms. Neal encouraged us to sit next to another Ivy League Connection member whom we may not been too familiar with. On my first flight to Chicago, I sat next to Elia. I had a great time sitting next to her! We also talked to a woman named Marti. We told her a bit about the Ivy League Connection and I asked her if she was going to visit Chicago. She said she was going to the University of Michigan to establish a program to encourage professors from all around the world to teach there. Marti also asked me if Yale was co-ed. In 1969 Yale finally became a co-ed school and Brown University followed in 1971. Throughout my life, a majority of prestigious colleges have been co-ed, so I was slightly surprised when she asked me. She told me that "back in her day" Harvard and Yale only accepted male students. This prompted me to think of my Women and Leadership class. The US has come a long way since then. Unfortunately women are still being oppressed in different parts of the world. I'm interested in learning about about the different forms of oppression that women face every day that may not be acknowledged.

The majority of my day was spent on a plane. On the second flight I was able to sit next to Ms. Neal. I ate the Subway sandwich that she ordered for us. I would post a picture of my lunch but I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo of it.

After we disembarked, we got into the rental car and began our journey. Rhode Island has a rustic and country-like atmosphere. As we were driving to Hotel Providence, a Taylor Swift song started to play. It fit perfectly with the scenery. As I looked out the car window, I remember Ms. Neal pointing out that Rhode Island had more vegetation than California. While we were on the plane, the trees looked so tiny and green. It appeared as if I could pluck each tree. The vegetation is essentially omnipresent in Rhode Island.

When we were near Hotel Providence, I was in awe of the architecture and beauty of the buildings. The evening weather and the beautiful scenery created a peaceful aura. After we settled into the fabulous hotel, my cohort and I walked to the Luxe. It was a sporty hamburger restaurant. The restaurant had a red and black color scheme and the lights were dimly lit.  The food, of course, was delicious. The hamburger was about a large as the length of my head and it was covered with sauces that became the primary flavors.

Now I am in my hotel room writing this blog. I hope it does not rain tomorrow. The weather is perfect as it is. Currently the weather is humid and warm. The warm weather reminds me of how long I have been without it. After I am finished writing this blog I will prepare for tomorrow’s tour at Wellesley. It will be my very first official campus tour.  
Our van in front of Hotel Providence
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