Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time Flies

Tomorrow is the final for my class, but it feels like yesterday was the very first lesson. Today was our  dorm debriefing. We have to pack up  and be completely out of our dorms by Friday night. Even though I've known my friends at Brown for almost a month, they're still new, and I'm aching to spend more time with them. Leaving friends behind is always the most painful part of traveling.

On a somewhat lighter note, one of today's topics in class was about loans and predatory loaning. Essentially, banks or other loaners will find people to take out loans, knowing full well that the borrows won't be able to pay the loan back. Then, the loaners bet that the market will crash due to the spenders defaulting on their loans. The loaners are completely corrupt, manipulating both people and the economy. I have no idea why these methods aren't illegal, or why the government bails out the companies that practice such malicious tactics. The corruption didn't stop there. Exploits, loopholes, and other tricks are flooded throughout America's economy. It really sickens me that people can be so greedy, and I hope I can help get rid of such nonsense in the future.  
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