Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Almost There

Just a few days ago, I was reading blogs from the Brown-I group, in which they enthusiastically mentioned their trip. Now, it is Brown-II's turn to fly to the East Coast. It did feel like time flew quickly, as the memory of the interview, dinners and meetings are still fresh in my mind.

Yesterday, Ms. Neal arranged a meeting at Round Table Pizza. She went over the itinerary and talked about it in detail. We, cohorts, were able to talk and learn a few things about each other. That's a good thing since we are going to be together in East Coast. After that, we received loaner items from Don. I am glad that Ms. Neal had planned that meeting because a few of the questions I had were answered. 

Packing has always been a problem for me. For some reason, I pack things that are not really necessary. But I am relieved that I am done with that and am ready for the trip and for all the new experiences along the way. 

This is an opportunity that will benefit and bring positive changes within me. In a couple of hours, I will be in a different state and a new environment where I will be learning a great deal of useful things. It was out of my imagination to visit some of the prestigious universities and take a class in one of them as a high school student, but here I am. A big thank you to the Ivy League Connection for providing such a great opportunity. 
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