Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back to Bay Area

After about four weeks, I finally came back to the Bay Area and took back the three hours I lost on the way to the east coast. Overall, the program was a very great experience. I not only learned a lot about DNA, but also learned how to get along with people I have never met and make friends with them. My favorite part of the program is undoubtedly the labs. Everyone had his/her own lab equipment; you don't expect to see this in a regular public high school. We went to the laboratory and did different labs everyday using equipment that we don't normally see. 

I want to thank Nate, our chaperone, for attending our needs and taking care of the Brown I cohort. And I also want to thank our instructors, Jody and Heidi, for planning the course and preparing for the labs for us. Finally, I want to thank the ILC coordinators and contributors for putting the program together.

This program will definitely be a valuable memory in my life and the only regret I have in this program is that I couldn't stay at Brown for longer.
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