Thursday, July 4, 2013


There are no classes today, the fourth of July. Those who signed up for the trip to Scarborough Beach spent time at the beach for the afternoon while everyone else found their own way to relax and enjoy the festivities of Independence Day. I was one of the few hundred students who went to Scarborough Beach. The beach was about 40 minutes away from campus by automobile. The weather was ideal but the beach was very crowded. The waves varied from weak to strong. I hung around with my friends and swam in the ocean and rode the waves. I had my glasses on the whole time, thinking that the waves wouldn't carry enough power to knock them off of my head, but I could not have been more wrong. Crashing head-on into always had a strong impact, and towards the end of the trip, one wave actually swept my glasses away from my head.

When I lost my glasses in a wave, I was in complete shock and disbelief. I repeatedly walked around the area in which my glasses most likely would have dropped, hoping to see them floating or stuck somewhere on the ground. I also asked the lifeguard and another officer to see if anyone happened to find and return my glasses. Unfortunately, my glasses were nowhere to be found. I was flooded with negative thoughts after losing my glasses. For someone with such terrible vision as myself, (my eyes need to be half a foot away from the screen to be able to see the letters) everyday living without vision aide is frustrating because everything is just a blur. But there's no point for me to keep on lamenting for another week. What has happened has happened and regretting certainly won't bring my glasses back.

After I returned to Brown from the beach, my caperone, Nate, drove us to a park to see fireworks. The fireworks were great. We were also at a vantage point in which we were able to see fireworks go off in different areas across the coast.
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