Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating Independence Day

Today is the Independence day and there is no class, unfortunately. Most people signed up for a trip to a beach, but I didn't. Nate decided to take Jay and me to see the firework, since we had nothing else to do. It was the first firework I have seen on Independence day. I've never seen firework on Independence day in Hercules and I don't even know if there is firework in Hercules. Overall, it was an exciting experience, except that we waited for the firework for quite a while.

Before, I wasn't very interested in firework. I thought that firework were just flashy explosions and people who gathered to watch firework were like Neanderthals amazed by fire. Sometimes you need to open your mind to understand things. Today I understand that firework is not just flashy explosions, they engender feeling of happiness, awe, and perhaps patriotism. Firework is just like music, you cannot understand it if you look at it with complete objectivity; you need to feel it with your heart in order to understand it.
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