Monday, July 1, 2013

Development Economics

Today was by far the most interesting lesson we've had so far. An Economist that graduated from the University of South Carolina came into our class as a guest speaker. He gave an amazing presentation about the concept of Development Economics, which is in fact his current field of work. My favorite type of learning is when we have practical applications right off the bat. This is why I've enjoyed the class thus far. We learn about how the world functions and then use tools to analyze it, rather than stare at some equation that we don't fully understand. 

The very nature of Development Economics is a practical application. Essentially, it's the study of developing countries and how they operate. This knowledge is then turned into ways to fix or help said country. The concept was interesting to me because one trait I look for when thinking about a future job is: "Does it help people?" That's exactly what Development Economists try to do; help people. If I ever do decide to pursue a job in Economics, Development Economists would be my primary area of interest.

Moving on to social life, I had a really good time after class chatting with my not-so-new-anymore friends. Our conversation ended up with stylish results. 
My Nails were quite the Icebreaker

I'll be removing the polish ASAP.

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