Friday, July 5, 2013


We finished our multi-part lab today. We took transformed bacterial cells and extracted the DNA from it before we ran that DNA through gel electrophoresis against some other controls. I believe I carried out my own lab successfully; the gel I had at the end had expected results. Granted, I did take some extra time to ensure that everything went smoothly; I was the last person to leave class. 

I met up with some friends during lunch, expecting to stay with them only for the duration of lunch. Instead, I found myself dragged off to the RISD Museum with them. We went to the mall soon after, and they went shopping, with me tagging along and occasionally throwing out my opinions. We ended up going to many, many stores before we went to dinner.

Dinner was at this very unique restaurant called FiRE + iCE. They served us raw ingredients in the manner of an all-you-can-eat buffet, though they had a central kitchen where all of our food would be cooked immediately. My friends and I all ended up throwing together some amalgamations of strange ingredients, though it still came together well. We ate so much that I had trouble walking afterwards.

We poked around some stores briefly after, and we tried to check the times for movies at the theater. Sadly, none of them were at acceptable times in which we could get back to our dorms in time for the curfew after the movie would end. We just headed back, and we ended up watching a movie in my dorm. 

I had just a little bit of time left over, and AP scores were released today for students in certain states. Since I'm in Rhode Island right now, instead of California, I was allowed to check my AP scores during the early access window! My scores were very, very satisfying, and I am glad I don't have to live with the burden of worrying about those two AP tests anymore. Sadly, I will have to worry about future ones... 
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