Friday, July 5, 2013


Remember that blog I posted after our visit to Harvard? It was the one that talked about hard work and how I want to be challenged in college so that I can emerge a stronger, well-rounded person. I didn't think I'd be getting my first taste of that hard work with only one class at Brown. The class isn't exceedingly vigorous . We only have 1 homework assignment over the weekend and a project due at the end of the class. However, the homework, combined a multitude of other worries, has taken a toll on me. AP tests, the SAT, the SAT subject tests, college applications, economics class, and my future senior year are all on my mind. I have to prepare for all of them at once, and it is causing me a significant deal of stress. And yet, despite this stress, I'm having fun learning how to manage myself and work everything out. It's actually sort of a lesson in itself. That being said, this upcoming weekend will be well appreciated, even if I have to work a bit.

1 more week and I'll be back home. I think I'm growing very much attached to my friends here. I have been fortuitous enough to be born in the age of Skype and Facebook, so I won't have trouble keeping in touch. 

I'd like to finish this post with a eulogy to the skin on Duncan's legs. May their sun burnt skin forever rest in peace. Pro-tip for anyone who wants to go to college on the East Coast: Bring sunscreen and always reapply. Your skin will thank you later.

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