Friday, July 5, 2013


One thing I have noticed in Brown is that there are a lot of sparrows. Today the dinning hall was closed, so we had to buy our dinner outside. Jay and I went to Subway to buy food and then we went back to campus. We ate in front of the student center and some sparrows came around where we sat, chirping and hopping. The sparrows were probably expecting some leftover food after we finished the food. I thought sparrows are very timid animals, but they were just hopping around us and waiting for food. As I ate my food, I watched the way the hop. They hopped so effortlessly; their feet barely left the ground when they hopped. Watching them hopping made me happy. At the end, I gave the sparrows what they were hoping for - some bread crumbs and they left after they had what they were waiting for.
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