Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First Quiz

Today in class we had the first quiz. However, the quiz is not about biotechnology; it's about knowing our classmates' names. Last week, our instructor sent us a file containing the pictures of everyone in the class with his/her name on it. I studied the pictures, but some of the pictures look quite differently than the people in real life. I think all of us had encountered the same problem, so during class yesterday, we asked each other his/her name when we were waiting for the experiment. The quiz was very easy, since there were only 23 people in the class and we had prepared for thee quiz very well.

The name quiz uses points as incentives to encourage us to know each other and it indirectly break the ice between the 23 people who did not know each others' existence until last week. The quiz is great for making us know other people, but in real life, the incentives of knowing other people usually are not points. What drive people to get to know other people in real life are money, fame, guidance, knowledge, warmness, opportunity, and many more things that I do not yet understand.
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