Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Movie Night, Homework Done

Today was another one of those self-motivational days. Our teacher recently collected a survey from all of us, evaluating the class and him as a teacher. And to my surprise, today he actual attempted to accommodate all  of the suggestions. He slowed down the lecture, took more time explaining examples,  was more interactive, and even took more breaks. Seeing things like this truly inspire me to push me self to greater educational levels, so that I can make to a school like this. 

A few hours later we had a class movie night, where we watched a movie that the teacher felt was economically related enough to show. So we watched the very statistical movie, Moneyball. It was a nice bonding time and a chance to attempt to relate the things we were learning in class to real-life situations. But afterwards it was nice to not have the pressure of having to do a large load of homework, because (unlike many of my classmates) I had already began and nearly completed my homework. 

I'm learning that college is all about you and your decisions, and this program is an amazing way for me to gauge and analyze where I am at and what I need to improve on in that area.
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