Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Choosing when and where to eat, what to do, where to go, and when to sleep and get up, I have been living almost completely of my own accord for the last three weeks. At first, all the freedom seemed a little strange, but now, I really enjoy it. It sounds corny, but I really do feel more mature and independent now. This is most likely what I was expecting to learn and experience when I was writing and talking about it in my ILC application and interview. Acknowledging my growth was very subtle and only came about after slowing down and really thinking about how I really feel right now in comparison to how I felt three weeks ago and how I will feel one week later. However since I don't have to worry about monetary issues, everything seems more superficial. I can't say I really matured until I can manage my own finances. But of course, my experiences of the last three weeks were still meaningful, training my decision-making skills and social confidence.

I have gotten very used to life here and wish that time would slow down so that I could be here longer. Knowing that I only have three days and two nights left here at Brown after today, I couldn't help but feel melancholic. But who knows, maybe I can come back and stay for another four years, if I'm lucky.
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