Friday, July 12, 2013

No More Brown

The last day of economics class was the most informative one in my opinion. The different groups covered a varying group of economic topics, most of which were problems in the world today. I learned about debt, deficient spending, Germany's predicament in the EU, Turkey's economic situation, and the gold standard. It gives me hope that so many young minds can focus on current world problems and point to solutions. The future holds great prospects for imaginative minds.

I was in no mood to pack up and leave today. Class completely wore me out, and I've been staying up late to try and get back on West Coast time. We finally went back to The Luxe to try the Frankenstein burger  I mentioned in one of my first blogs. Turns out I can't finish it. That is, I can't finish the monster burger without feeling nauseous and bloated. I should have learned a thing or two about over-eating from the buffet style dining hall at Brown.

I simply can't wait to get off that plane tomorrow. Home is calling.
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