Saturday, July 6, 2013


Today Brown organized a trip to New Port. The sign up started in Monday morning. The spots were full about an hour after the sign up started. Since I didn't sign up on Monday nor sign up for the wait list afterwards, I stayed in the campus today. I did nothing today - nothing special. I woke up and played computer games while I had OREO and water for breakfast. Just after I finished my breakfast, I went out for lunch. Luckily, one of the dinning hall was opened, so I didn't have to buy food outside. After lunch, I wandered around the campus and played games in my friend's room and then I went to practice piano for about two hours and then I had dinner. After the dinner, I went back to my dorm and sat in front of my laptop for two hours and now I am writing this blog. 

Doing nothing is not as enjoyable as it sounds. I feel guilty not doing anything productive today.
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