Saturday, July 13, 2013


I spent quite a bit of time Thursday night preparing for my final presentation and exam. I ended up getting less sleep than I normally did, so I had to compensate with a lot of caffeine to make sure I did well. The spot for my presentation was after three quarters of all the other presentations, but I just wanted to get it out of the way as quickly as I could. Too bad it was out of my control. I think I did pretty well; I practiced quite a bit, I looked toward the audience, I didn't use notes, and I paced around. Hopefully I'll get a good amount of points. The presentations ended up taking quite a bit of time, so there was no final exam except for those that really wanted to do it. I took it anyway. 

Once class ended, I knew I only had a few short hours to say my goodbyes to everyone. I went to find my best friends, and we went to have what might be our last meal together for a very long time. We said our goodbyes, and I headed back to my room to pack.

I've had so much fun here with all my friends, all the new people that I've met, and it's a shame that I'm already leaving. Three weeks is just too short--but if I can get this emotionally attached in three weeks, what's gonna happen to me when I'm in college for four years? I'm just incredibly saddened by how things are. 
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