Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Class today was even more hectic. I got a nonfunctional piece of equipment, so I ended up delaying the people around me for a couple minutes. During one of the sections of the lab when we had downtime, we went upstairs to the lecture hall, where we had our first quiz! It was on the faces of our classmates. Since incubating bacteria can use a lot of time, I took the opportunity to go out for lunch so I could come back later to finish the lab.

Additionally, tonight, there was a dessert and discussion event for students at Summer@Brown that got in via scholarships. When I arrived, one of the deans there recognized me as a student from the Ivy League Connection! She mentioned how pleasant it was to work with us and to know Mr. Ramsey and other very hardworking people of the Ivy League Connection. She also complimented the students! The discussion event was mostly led by what I believe was five RAs, four of which were students at Brown. They shared their experiences, their problems, and their hardships, and they spoke about how they overcame such hardships. The discussion was very enlightening, and it has me thinking deeper about scholarships and college applications now. Thankfully, I am a rising junior, so I have plenty of time to think. 
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