Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today at nine, the first thing we did at class is to check the extremely smelly culturing plates on which we supposedly put bacteria with both ampicillin and kanamycin resistant. The result was quite disappointing. Only one person in the class has colonies on his plate; the rest of the class had no success on growing bacteria on the plates. In my case, I had bacterial growth on both LB/amp and LB/kan plates, but nothing on the LB/amp+kan plate, the experimental plate. The result was probably caused by errors in the restriction/ligation process.

The lab we are going to do on Friday requires bacterial colonies from the result we were supposed to get today. Since most of us do not have bacterial colonies, our instructors are going to prepare the colonies for us. It is unfortunate that we cannot redo the experiment until we succeed or at least find out the errors. However the good news is that we can continue the series of experiments even though we did not have results in the middle of the series.
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