Sunday, July 7, 2013


Today wasn't very eventful, in the same light as yesterday. However, this was not the same, well-needed nothing that I had yesterday. Today's nothing was an empty and regretful nothing. The saying goes, "All good things in moderation." Two days of nothing in a row was too much. Of course, it wasn't literally nothing. I worked on a class project and actually learned a bit of extracurricular information by reading up on the internet. But in terms of productivity, I felt under-accomplished.

The regret comes from reading some of the other blogs tonight. Apparently there was a college advice seminar that I didn't know about. Although I've visited some colleges, I'm a little rusty on the application process. So today,  I learned that in college, you don't only have to manage your classes; you also have to manage your free time. Additionally, if you want something, like an advice seminar, you have to seek it out yourself. Most opportunities don't find you, you find them.

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