Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today was decidedly uneventful, which was nice because I didn't really sleep well last night.  The heat makes it a little difficult to fall and stay asleep, at least for me.  Class was nice, we didn't follow the slides today, Professor Coleman decided to just teach us everything and draw all the diagrams on the blackboard.  This was nice as it made me take a very different style of notes, and I enjoyed it.  It was like a little challenge.  Also, the stuff we learned about was really interesting.  We learned about aggregate demand and supply, and this was really the first way of us seeing models that represented things like recession and inflationary periods.  We could then analyze the dynamics of these models and what effects government expenditure and taxes have on supply and demand of a whole economy.  This is stuff that economists around the world are examining, and I really like that I now have the tools to actually understand and analyze the economic events occurring today.

I also got my officially licensed Brown sweatshirt!  I got a grey crew neck and I really like it; the only problem is that I can't wear it here and I'm going to have to figure out how to bring it back with me...

I'm going to the beach tomorrow and I'm really excited, but I can't help but have the sinking feeling that I am going to get really sunburned.  After I get back I'm going to go to watch fireworks by the water, and I'm also really excited.  The only thing I'm not excited for is getting up earlier than usual!  I mean, I am just a teenager.
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