Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We broke our streak of labs today. We had a lecture, a quiz, and a video today. Again, I don't like lectures much, so this lecture didn't feel the most helpful. Break time and moving on to the quiz felt so relieving from the monotony of the lectures! I missed a question on the quiz, but I don't feel too worried about it. The video, however, was also quite monotonous; I don't think there was anything notable and new in there. 

Outside of class, the day moved by rather slowly. I had to meet up with the whole cohort late in the afternoon, since Nate was helping us buy our hoodies. I got a rather simple grey hoodie that just says Brown on it. It seemed a bit odd to buy really warm clothes right now, since it's so hot in the summer over here! After getting our hoodies, the others went to grab dinner together, though I left because I had made dinner plans with somebody before the cohort decided to go out for dinner. 
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