Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Brown Type of Day

Today was the first day that I actually felt that I was a college student. I legitimately have a regime, a class that I am focusing on, and the type of friends that could last a lifetime.Days like these are personal milestones for that are the makings of a amazing trip, and are simultaneously reforming my mind-state without me even being aware of the fact. I realized this when we had our weekly floor event tonight. We were basically asked to go around a talk about how the total experience has been for us, for future reference for the program, so that they know what to continue and what they can improve on. And as I sat there and self-reflected for  a moment, I realized how engulfed in the entire experience I have become. Not to say that I am forgetting that this isn't real college and not to say that there isn't that underlining feeling that I am only here for two more weeks, but this has definitely been a life altering monument. 

The economic, fiscal, and monetary policies I have learned in such a short time is something that has gone unmatched in my life. That, along with the entire experience that I've gone through, will be something that I always cherish.
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