Monday, July 8, 2013

Sweet Sweet Productivity

Today was the last Monday I'll have here at Brown, but it didn't feel like a monotonous, dragging Monday like usual. Likely due to my lack of productivity yesterday, class was a refreshing learning experience. Even doing research work felt fun for me. I really do hope that all of my college classes will be this great.

We've come so far in our economics class. In less that 15 days, we've learned an entire year's worth of economic information. Honestly, though we've been more productive by learning the information quicker, I don't feel as though this speedy technique is as effective. I'm already forgetting some of the things we learned on the first week. We don't have a large amount of time to review everything either. When I take a class over a year, the information is ground into my brain. In the case of my economics class, I know I'll have to do a large review session before the AP test next year.

I have a small complaint about one of the campus events. Tonight was an open-mic talent show. One of my new friends was in the show, so naturally I went to go see it. To my dismay, I found that the room the show was being held in was packed to the brim, and had no space. There was an entire mob of people standing outside the entrance, trying to squeeze in for a view of the stage. Now, based on my 2 weeks here , I am more than confident that there are larger auditoriums that the show could have been held in. Why Brown chose the smallest auditorium on the campus to hold a major event is beyond me.
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