Monday, July 8, 2013


I scrambled up at 7 AM to make sure I could get to the blood draw on time. I managed to ready myself in the morning rather quickly, and I left before the dining halls even opened. I had to wait a few minutes, and I finished breakfast as soon as possible to ensure that I had enough time to get to the blood draw.

Yes, blood. In my class, we are drawing blood for an experiment, in which we would extract our own DNA.  The draw went by painlessly and smoothly, and I had plenty of time to spare, especially since class started at a later time today. 

My blood! It was placed in a centrifuge. 
Lab today was definitely interesting, since I worked with samples that actually came from myself! I've seen what my own DNA looks like on a macroscopic level. I ended up staying a few minutes after class to make sure I finished the lab, but a lot of others did that, too.

For the rest of the day, I spent time with friends. I checked out the sciences library for the first time, and we went up to a really high floor. Providence looks really nice from up high! 

My friends invited some extra people, and we went to the local Indian restaurant. I had Indian food for the second time in my life, and it was much better than the first! I thought I disliked Indian food, but it turns out that my first experience in Berkeley was just not that great by itself. 

I have a research project that I need to begin work on, soon. I want to curb my habits of procrastination, but let's see how far that will take me! 
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