Monday, July 8, 2013

The Beginning of the End

The end I'm referring to in the title is the end of this program, not the proverbial end that many cardboard-based-attire enthusiasts seem to love so much and inform us of.  Today was the first day of my last week here, and it feels like this week is going to speed by.  I have two more days of learning in class, a final, and then my project presentation.  It seems weird looking back and remembering how far away all this felt when I was first accepted, and then now it's almost over.  I guess that's the nature of time and all that; you really don't experience the present, you just process memory, so when everything is all said and done and you can recall any memory in the time it takes for the appropriate electrical signals to jump around your brain, it seems like the time it took to get from there to here only took as long as it takes to recall that memory.

Although I do love it here, and I just made some new friends from California who I really like, I am extremely excited to come back home.  There is so much waiting for me that I've missed horribly, and I don't think I can sweat much more.  If I stay here much longer I think I will dry out like a leaf in the sun.  I am a human leaf.  
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